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Bosch Service Center serves personal repair of home appliances

Bosch Service Center is a service for customers of Bosch products who need help with the advice and repair of various appliances of this brand. As one of the home appliances with decades of experience, Boschko not only serves the sales of products and accessories, but also provides service services.

Bosch is well-known as a leading brand of home appliances that pays great attention to environmental protection. The patent application owned by this company relates to 40% environmental protection.  It’s not strange  if you get  the label “Green Technology Inside”  on  a company’s product.

Although it retains the concept of recycling, the products offered can work well and are powerful so that it is very suitable to meet daily needs.  You can find sets of kitchen utensils, refrigerators to various other home appliances in this one brand.

Although it has a high level of usage stability so that Bosch products are not easily damaged, the Bosch Service Center still provides services. Because basically within a certain period of use an item will definitely be damaged.

You  can access repair services provided online on the official bosch.co.id website. From common services about kitchen products and other household appliances, service services, spare parts purchases to video tutorials on usage and repairing yourself can be accessed through your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bosch Products

Bosch provides a variety of home appliances based on cutting-edge technology that sometimes confuses early adopters with the need for guidance when using it for the first time. Therefore, Bosch Service Center also provides support services for you to use the product .

You can access bosch.co.id official website to find user manuals for power tools, both new and no longer sold in the market.  You  can  download it manually and then print it out. For products that are no longer in the market, enter the device’s serial number to get the user manual.

In addition to accessing the website, you can also use telephone service (021) 3005 6565 to ask customer service directly about the product and how to use the product.

Not only for customers who already have Bosch flagship products, call  center line  you can also contact who are interested in the product. Please contact to ask questions about the products being marketed. All queries related to small and large household appliances will be answered by the CS Bosch Service Center.

Technician reservation for bosch equipment repair

For consumers who face problems with bosch home products, there is no need to get confused about how to make repairs. Because all the problems related to the product can be corrected by using the services of the mechanic in the service service. Access the official website bosch.co.id then go to the service page.

You’ll find a menu to create a technician reservation. Please fill out the form provided, from reporter’s name, address, contact number description to equipment code. It is very important to fill the e-NR or model number, as it is the identification of the product to improve.

Please fill in the e-NR number or use an image of the identification plate of this product. Also include the FD date, purchase date, and enter a message containing the damage caused by it. For example, the dishwasher won’t turn on or the refrigerator won’t emit cold.

By filling out the full form, The Bosch Service Center can process your application  quickly  . If the service request has been confirmed, the admin will contact you to determine the schedule for the arrival of the technician to inspect. The choice of time will be adjusted in your  time and technician’s work schedule.

After the technician inspects, they will be told what damage has been done, how to handle it, whether he needs a change of parts or not, as well as repair costs. If it is  still within the warranty period you do not have to pay repair costs, only when outside the warranty period you will have to pay service costs.

You can also make a technician reservation via telephone service that can be contacted on weekdays, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 to 17:30 (local time). The phone service is omitted for weekends and red dates, but the online service is still available.

The video itself helps in the product bush

Bosch Service Center also helps users solve themselves through problem-solving videos  .   You can solve some basic problems by watching video tutorials that are easy to understand and implement. Even without a manual manual, you can do it.

Discover step by step that provides easy steps to use Bosch’s products. It doesn’t take much time, easy to learn and implement so that simple problems can be handled on their own without the help of technicians. In addition to repairing videos, there are also videos to take care of.

Knowing how to take the best care for your household products can reduce the risk of damage and increase the usefulness of the product.   Bosch service centers also provide online maintenance support features to make it easier for users to take care of themselves at home.

Support for such services teaches users to be more independent so they don’t always rely on technicians to make small repairs. In addition to simplifying it, it also enhances the user’s knowledge of the various methods of improvement through specially created video tutorials and focuses on aspects of user convenience.

Users can also search for video tutorials on usage so they don’t make mistakes when using the product, especially for electrical products. Also a simple cooking tutorial video using Bosch products that prepare a variety of delicious foods in a short time and are easy to follow.

Home Appliance Parts and Accessories

The Bosch Service Center also provides a variety of spare parts for home appliance products, even for older products.   All you need to do is check the availability of spare parts on the official website or contact the call centre.

Then find the nearest dealer or service location that provides these parts.  You can place an order online, and a team of technicians will come to help deliver the parts as well as make repairs. Fast, quality, and reliable service is the priority of Bosch service.

In addition to spare parts, there are also various accessories that can complement home appliances. Many devices can be equipped with provided accessories, such as filters and replacement dust bags for vacuum cleaners, cooking utensils for bush kitchen finishes, and various other accessories.

In addition to being suitable for use with these equipment, the choice of suitable accessories will add to the aesthetics so that it  looks great and  beautifies your home layout. For example, cooking and baking utensils are equipped with reliable and beautiful kitchen accessories, plus a variety of maintenance products so that the kitchen design looks epic.

You can also consult with a Bosch consultant about purchasing parts and accessories so that you make a more targeted purchase.   You only buy items that are suitable and usable so that you can save expenses. In addition, purchasing goods without calculation causes you to accumulate unused items.

In order to maintain customer satisfaction, Bosch provides after-sales service to all customers of both the latest and oldest products by providing offline and online services.  You  can contact  Bosch Service Center via the  website or via phone number to get help  but can help you.

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