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Sicepat Call Center number andSicepat service

Sicepat continues to strive to improve sicepat call center services  so that all customer complaints are handled correctly. S i cepat ekspres is one of the largest freight forwarding services in Indonesia. The focus of sicepat is to serve e-commerce in Indonesia. Previously, sicepat served only expeditionary services in Indonesia, but now suda h penetratesthe Asian continent and Australia.

With the increasing number of e-commerce in Indonesia, freight forwarding services are needed. Nowadays, it can be said that freight forwarding services are indispensable, especially after the increasing prevalence of  online stores. This is also what causes sicepat to develop very quickly. Because this speed is focused on sending goods to serve e-commerce.

Currently, there are about 200 sicepat branch offices throughout Indonesia. Since the number is growing rapidly, it is likely that this number will continue to grow. Customers who also use naturally every year will increase. If you are one of the sicepat subscribers, you can contact  the  sicepat call center if you experience problems with the package being shipped.

There are many services provided by sicepat. It is done by sicepat to meet the needs of customers. The services provided by SiCepat are known to have quite cheap prices. Even if it is at a low rate, the delivered goods can quickly reach their destination.  Sicepat was first founded in 2014. Along the way, this sicepat has experienced an upside-down phase before reaching its current position.

Official Sicepat Call Center Number

In a shipping company, the role of a call center is very important. Because the services provided are very full of risks. To provide services for customers who experience problems sending goods, it must have customer service. If you want to contact customer service, you can contacthim through the sicepat call center.

Through customer service, you can ask apa only related to sicepat service. You can also use customer service to ask if there is a problem with the package being shipped. For example, damaged goods, goods that do not reach their destination, cannot track goods by receipt number, and so on.

You cancontact the  customer service through the call center 021-5020-0050. To make a call, a credit fee is charged according to the operator used. For this reason, make sure your credit is adequate before calling the sicepat call center. If   you experience problems when contacting through the call center, you can contact customer service through social media.

A lternative way to contact customer service

Sometimes you experience problems when contacting customer service. This can happen due to the large number of customers contacting through the call center. It is possible that when you call, there are other customers calling. For that, you can contact customer service through other options.

Another alternative to sicepat call center, it’sjust viasocial media. Social media, which is much loved by young people,  is also used by sicepat to receive complaints as well as criticism and suggestions from customers. Sicepat very seriously included paying attention to his social media. If you are interested in contacting through social media,  you can contacthim on Instagram @sicepat_ekspres, Twitter @sicepat_ekspress and Facebook @sicepatekspresofficial.

Another option that you can use is to use email. You can send notifications by email  by email Or you can also visit the official sicepat website to contact customer service. To contact through the site, you can use the following link

And the last way is that you can contact the nearest sicate outlet. This method is the right way if you want to get answers to the problems you are experiencing quickly. Because if you contact via social media or email, it usually takes a long time to get a response.

Any Service Dimiliki Sicepat

Sicepat continues to innovate to provide the best service to its business partners by improving service to its customers. There are many fast services that are very profitable for customers. In addition, sicepat also keepsku alitas service from as quickly as possible.   If you want to know more about sicepat services, you can contact the sicepat call center.   Here are some excellent services from sicepat.

The first is H3LO. H3Lo itself accounts for 3 kilograms. With this service, you can save on shipping costs. This service allows you to pay 2 kilograms for a package weighing 3.3 kilograms. This service applies to sosial trade and drop packages at sicepat stores.

The second is that sicepat has COD services. When buying your goods on the square, you can pay after the goods arrive. Thus, it will minimize scams committed by sellers. This COD service is valid in the areas of Jabodetabek, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Solo, Semarang and Surabaya.

The third service is the starting price of five thousand (HALU). This halu service allows you to getatatkan shipping cost of 5 thousand from e-commerce. The estimated delivery time is one to three days. For coverage of HALU services, it covers the entire territory of Indonesia.  If you  experience delivery problems while using layanan HAU, you can contact the sicepat call center.

The fourth service is tomorrow to the destination (BEST). This BEST service is perfect for those whose goods want to reach their destination quickly. By using the BEST service, the goods you send can arrive within a day. For this range of services, it covers all major cities in Indonesia.

The next service is express shipping (GOKIL). By using GOKIL’s services, you can send goods in large quantities at reasonable prices. The minimum weight when shipping GOKIL is 10 kg. For the estimated time to reach the destination using GOKIL services is one to three days. The coverage area is all major cities in Indonesia.

Get to know what is Sicepat Klik

Sicepat klik is a support service for sicepat customers. If you want to know in detail about this service, you can contact the sicepat call center. The technology used is whatsapp bot. You can use this service for 24 hours right away. There are many things you can do with Sicepat Klik.

Some of these things like checking shipping costs, tracking, PPOB products, and many others. A service that is very worth trying when you are going to use a sicepat delivery service. With this service, it is hoped that customers can easily access information.

Accessing this service is very easy. The trick is simply to type “SICEPAT” and then send it tohatsApp number 0813-1920-0030. In addition to sending chat messages mela l ui whatsapp, you can also access the melal ui website. The method is also no less easy, namely byclicking on the following link

Thisisa very good innovation from sicepat. With the service using WhatsApp bot makes information easily accessible. Whatsapp is also one of the chat applications that hampir owned by all Indonesian people.   Jika is still curious about sicepat services just contact sicepat call center.

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