Okeforum: Traveloca Call Center Latest Yang can be contacted 24 hours a day

As one of the unicorn applications engaged in the travel and hotel business, the manager offers the Traveloka call center to assist users. The goal is to get a solution if users have problems using Traveloka’s products.

In addition, users also get the latest information related to the promotions offered by the manager. Thus, Traveloka application users do not panic when they encounter problems. That way, we can say that Traveloka is one of the best and most reliable applications in the eyes of users.

Usually, the call center service provided by the application manager can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For this reason, if you encounter various problems such as not being able to use the reservation code when using the Traveloca Paylate Service, we recommend that you contact the Traveloca Call Center directly.

The Importance of Traveloca Call Center for Application Users

The role of call centers in large companies like Traveloca is very important. As one of the companies in the field of ticketing and travel business, Traveloka certainly needs an experienced call center representative and can work professionally.

This is because this call center rep feature helps to respond to and provide solutions to any obstacles or issues that application users feel. In addition, in addition to providing answers to the problems faced by Traveloka users, there are several call center roles. Among them are the following:

  1. Provision of information on Traveloka products

This call center role is very important in building a brand image in the eyes of users. To build a brand image in the eyes of users, companies like Traveloka need to answer all the questions they need. As a result, call center representatives provide detailed information about the various products for promotions hosted by Traveloka.


  1. Watch out for suggestions and criticisms from users

The Traveloka call center officer is also tasked with recording all suggestions, inputs, and criticisms from application users. In fact, as an evaluation material, this requires suggestions, input, and criticism from users.


From these things, the application manager knows what the user wants. Thus, managers can improve the service so that consumers are satisfied with the service from the Traveloka application.

  1. Consumer Special Services Notices

And the last role of the call center is to inform special services for consumers. In Traveloca, there are a number of special services for certain consumers, such as Traveloca Payers.


This service is a loan that users can use to purchase Traveloka products, such as hotel reservations, food voucher purchases, and vehicle tickets.

How to contact the Traveloca Call Center by interactive phone

Traveloca itself offers so many call center services. Please note that there are four methods you can choose to connect with officers and submit inputs related to complaints, failures, and traveloka products and systems.


If you would like to connect with a Traveloka call center representative by two-way phone, please call us directly at 0804-1500-308. You can then contact us at (021) 2910-3300. If you contact our call center in accordance with applicable regulations, you will be charged a telephone charge.


You can contact the integration information center provided by the application manager 24 hours a day to get solutions to the problems that you are facing. That’s because call center representatives can talk to you directly. Therefore, this method is widely used by users who experience very serious problems.


How to contact the Traveloca Call Center via social media

Later, Traveloka alerted the call center through social media and official emails. For those who don’t have enough credit to call an interactive phone call center number, you can contact  the Traveloka call center via social media or email.


This method is also very effective. That’s because you only need to send a message via direct message (DM) on Traveloka’s social media. Contacting the call center via social media is very simple.


First, log in to your personal Twitter or Facebook account. Then find an account with the name of @traveloka (Twitter) or Traveloka (Facebook). Make sure your social media accounts are verified with a blue tick logo.


Then send the message via direct message (DM) in your account. You can add screenshot files as evidence of problems encountered with the attachment feature. After that, please wait for a while until the call center representative helps you solve the obstacles you experienced.

However, the officer needs more time to reply to the messages they send. Therefore, this method is often used by consumers who do not experience urgent problems. In addition, this method is also suitable for those who just want to ask about information about Traveloka’s products and services and promotions.

How to contact the Traveloca Call Center via the website

You can also complain about problems or problems when using the Traveloka application through the official website. Traveloka’s official website also features a live chat feature. With this feature, you can easily write down any issues that have occurred in your Traveloka call center. How to contact him is also very simple.


First, visit the Traveloca website. If you haven’t registered yet, don’t forget to register an account first. You can sign up using your personal email address. Then find the “Contact Us” menu.


You will then be presented with an electronic form that you will need to fill out. Write down the obstacles you are facing. If you’re having trouble using a Traveloka product, select the product with the problem and the booking code. Attach a support file to make it easier for customer service to review orders purchased from Traveloka. Then press Send. Please wait a few moments before receiving a reply from a call center representative in Traveloka.


How to contact the Traveloca Call Center via the mobile application

Traveloka also alerted the call center of the mobile application. It can be said that the Traveloca call center via this mobile app  is the busiest. That’s because almost every consumer contacts the call center via a mobile application. In addition to being easy and practical, the response from call center representatives in this mobile application is very positive.


To connect to the call center service from Traveloka, you need to download and install the application from the Google Play Store (Android Phone) or App Store (iOs). Then, log in to your Traveloka account first.


Then, go to the “My Account” menu. Then, enter the Help Center menu. After that, select the “Contact Us” menu. Tell them about the obstacles you experienced. Then, press Send.


A call center representative in Traveloka will investigate in relation to the obstacles you experience. Officers will respond to complaints filed in the “Inbox” menu of the home page of the Traveloka application.


As one of the largest ticketing and travel agencies in Indonesia, Traveloka certainly offers call center services. You can contact this integrated information center service 24 hours a day. If you encounter any issues related to your order, or would like to know about product information or promotions, please contact our call center directly. There are four ways to contact the Traveloka call center.

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