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The UOB Call Center  feature is a service that both customers and non-customers can use to get accurate information about the banking industry. Therefore, people can choose information more accurately from reliable sources.

This feature was created to prevent customers and non-customers from getting caught up in fraudulent motives on behalf of the banks involved. So, instead of digesting some of the news live, call the consumer’s phone and get the right explanation from the bank.

In addition to helping clients avoid fraud issues, customer service calls have several other features. If you have a complaint or problem with the relevant bank, please contact the bank using the consumer call feature.

Such a feature should be utilized because many people are not aware of its benefits until now. By having a problem, the bank knows the problem and cannot solve it. Therefore, this feature should be used by the customer when a complaint occurs.

Handling Complaints Using UOB Call Center Features

It is easy to make both administrative and non-administrative to lodge a complaint when banking problems arise. Below is how to make a complaint according to the procedure on the part of the bank. You use this function when you find a complaint in banking.

You can contact the UOB call center at 14008, this service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so whenever there is a problem, it will be reported immediately. Please report in detail any complaints you have experienced so that the bank can handle the issue as soon as possible.

After the customer reports the complaint, the bank immediately follows up on the issue. UOB prioritizes customer convenience, so this process is done immediately. Therefore, after you report a problem, it will be investigated immediately.

Once the problem is found, the next step is to investigate from the bank. This investigative process is usually relatively time-consuming, depending on the complexity of the issue. You may be able to complete the investigative process in a day that can easily resolve any issues that arise.

After the bank gets some common ground on the issue, the customer is contacted immediately. If the customer agrees to the payment method from the bank, the issue is declared complete. But what if the customer is not satisfied with the results that the bank provides?

If the customer is still not satisfied with the settlement provided by the UOB, you can mediate in BI or OJK. By utilizing this mediation, it is expected that we can efficiently resolve the customer’s problem. So no one else is outraged by this incident.

In addition to the UOB call center, complaints can be reported via email

This email complaint feature is very helpful if you are abroad. You can report different types of complaints by using email wherever you are. The reporting process is very fast because we already have our own server for email complaints.

If you want to use the email feature as an alternative to the UOB call center, simply send a message to the UOBCare@uob.co.id. Without waiting for a long time, the email will be replied to immediately by the bank. Therefore, it is not much different from traditional reporting methods.

The email feature can also be an alternative if you are experiencing some fairly complex issues. Since you can send image or video files as evidence, using email makes it easier to attach evidence data. Thus, the bank makes it easier to investigate the problem.

If customers are supportive and provide a complete complaint report, the handling process will also be faster. Also, if you can attach enough data to support the problem complaint, you might not need to come to the branch office.

As a bank that places the highest priority on customer convenience, UOB will do its utmost to resolve various issues. Therefore, you don’t have to be afraid to report the problem you are experiencing. The bank is guaranteed to be able to solve the problem.

Not only does it give promises, but UOBs can prove its performance

To prove concern over customer complaints, UOB call center functionality is not only offered. Banks are working seriously to solve any problems and there are always specific reports of incidents. Customers can also view problem handling reports directly.

If you open the complaint page on the official website of UOB Bank, you will find a publication about the handling of cases at the bottom of the website. This page contains data about the cases experienced by the customer. The percentage of cases handled is relatively high, as it reaches more than 90%.

Perhaps other banks can only make promises, but UOBs provide evidence of processing performance. They are not afraid to point out if there are any cases that are not really completed. In 2019, it has been proven that there are cases that have just been completed in 2020. This is proof that the bank has a commitment to solving the problem.

The UOB Call Center is the first gate connecting customers and banks. If the customer does not use this gate, the problem will not be resolved immediately. Therefore, any complaints you feel when using this bank should be reported immediately.

The bank really appreciates customer complaints. This report can be used as a reflection to continue to improve our service to our customers as much as possible. Without a report, the parties are unable to correct the agency’s errors.

If you encounter any issues, please use the consumer call feature, send an email, or go directly to the nearest branch office. Stakeholders are happy to respond and settle the matter. Thus, it is possible to maintain consumer comfort and maintain the reputation of the bank in good standing.

Avoiding Fraud Cases by Using UOB Call Centers

Currently, several criminal cases on behalf of banks are on the rise. As a sensible client, of course, you need to verify all the information. Don’t be easily seduced by the sweet words of a skilled scammer who wants to dry up your wallet.

The high number of fraud cases is due to the fact that few customers underestimate the importance of customer service. They were reluctant to check and were trapped in criminal traps. On the other hand, you can prevent this by calling the consumer.

In addition, victims are no small bit reluctant to report crimes that have happened to them. In fact, reports from these victims allow banks to work with law enforcement officials to handle criminal cases.

Without a report from the relevant victim, it becomes very difficult for the bank to process. Therefore, make the most of the functions offered by the banking company for the convenience of the public. Reporting fraud on behalf of a bank is an act worthy of admiration.

You can also be thankful for using this feature to prevent an increase in casualties. Wouldn’t it be better to be involved in preventing the next victim? Public banking activities will also become healthier through the conscious activity of reporting.

Don’t underestimate the characteristics of calls from consumers from banks. All kinds of reports are handled and investigated immediately. Therefore, to create a good banking atmosphere, UOB call center functions are used to report all kinds of financial and non-financial complaints.

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